What’s the role?

Lead Engineer shall be part of core Corporate Reconciliation Group, implementing automation programs and simplifying work processes through application customisation and automated reports with reconciliation results. – Level 2

  • Reconciliation techno-functional development & deployment through client customisation’s on Accurate Reconciliation Tool.
  • Problem analysis and impact analysis of the issues reported.
  • Customise the workflows with front-end script changes and establish logical groupings at back-end logical codes.
  • Simulate the issue, troubleshoot the problem, data correction and root cause analysis.
  • Finalise workaround / approach for issue resolution.
  • Test fix / work around / solution for an issue and provide explanation to Bank’s team.
  • Providing BI powered Reconciliation reports
  • Data correction of any kind through required changes on SQL queries.
  • Provide support to Bank’s team to move the fixes to production environment.
  • Providing support to Bank’s team for services monitoring/infrastructure.
  • Co-ordinate with the Product company’s L3 team for product fixes.
  • Managing UAT environment (Non-Prod) and keep it up to date for regular testing purpose.
  • All the standard procedures and controls are documented for audit requirements
  • Simulate EOM / EOQ / EOY in UAT before the actual run to anticipate the issues

Your day-to-day activities, skills and experience

  • Able to code JavaScript, Nodejs Applications End to End.
  • Believe in reusability of code, component-based architecture and its implementation.
  • Have advance knowledge with experience on JavaScript ES6, HTML, CSS 3,
  • Have solid experience on React, Nodejs, ExpressJs, State management, Webpack/App Build frameworks, Unit Test Cases frameworks
  • Have good understanding of working with different browsers (like Chrome/Webkit, Firefox/Gecko, IE/MS), Mobile / Desktop devices, Operating Systems and JavaScript engines like V8.
  • Can develop high quality code that can lead to rapid delivery. Ruthlessly pursuing continuous integration and delivery.
  • Able to understand and refractor existing application and able to build on top of it.
  • Implement relevant project instrumentation.
  • Follow the best practices of continuous BDD/TDD/Performance/Security testing, es-lint.
  • Can debug code and support/maintain the software solution.
  • Commit code early and often, demonstrating my understanding of version control & branching strategies.
  • Apply understanding of patterns for integration (API/events/services).
  • Have good understanding of data structures like Array, MAP, Stack, Tree, Graph and able to implement it on day-to-day basis on suitable requirements.
  • Support production systems resolve incidents and perform root cause analysis.

 Desired expertise:

  • 5-8 yrs of Financial & Compliance tool deployment exp (preferably worked on Accurate Tool in Banking Space)
  • Should have handled global projects on Core banking automation
  • Ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders
  • Excellent communication
  • Expertise in Java and MySql / Sql or .Net with MySql / Sql
  • Should be able to deploy Analytical tool such as Power BI and customise same

 Skills, Qualification & Education:

  • Technical Graduation / Diploma
  • Very good communication skills
  • Customer Service orientation.

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Tell me more

  • Location: Bangalore
  • Rate: Dependent on experience
  • Work Pattern: UK business hours
  • Start Dates: ASAP
  • Duration: 6 Months- 1 Year - could be extended