Project Description

What they needed

A legal firm based in the North East of England approached Momenta for assistance in setting up a Managed Services operation to assist with processing legal claims. The requirement was to create a pre litigation and a legal function in an offsite office with full infrastructure including telephone systems, incoming and outgoing postal capabilities and IT.

How we helped

  • Acquired office space to allow client to start up a London office to process the litigation cases

  • All working practices and solutions had to comply with the strict regulations set by Solicitors Regulation Authority

  • Designed and produced process maps for both the pre- litigation (file preparation) stage and the litigation of the cases. This included building a work flow that could easily distinguish at which stage of the process any individual case was sitting

  • Involved in the building of the Case Management System from design to delivery

  • Taken sole responsibility for researching, resourcing, interviewing and vetting all pre litigation and legal staff

  • Using our experiences we have been able to prepare business plans to predict incoming work volumes and timelines to completion whilst linking these to resource planning

The outcome

First tranche of high volume cases (8000) has been started by the Clients Partners and cases are now being submitted via the Case Management System for initial data gathering and file collation. Office space now secured with the capacity to take further space in the same location to allow a ramp up over the coming weeks. This space is now recognised by the Client as their official London office and they are now marketing this as such. It is really a seamless extension of their current working offices based around the UK.

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