Project Description

What they needed

Having completed a strategic review, this global healthcare product provider had set a number of key objectives to deal with a range of commercial challenges. One of the objectives required the reinvigoration of the sales effort and driving up market share. Training for the sales team was highlighted as a key requirement.

How we helped

Momenta’s Training & Development associates initially conducted a series of TNAs and research exercises. The output from this research was combined with best practices within the organisation and from outside by the associates to produce a development programme for the sales teams and their managers. The programme used behavioural analysis techniques, designed to raise self-awareness within the sales teams and their management, and developed their ability to adapt to the diverse behavioural styles of their customer base. Alongside this, we initiated a ‘coaching circles’ programme to develop the managers’ coaching ability, so that they could add real value and performance improvement could be sustained.

The outcome

The programme delivered by the associates placed by Momenta resulted in the sales team being better able to adapt successfully to a widely diverse range of customer types and procurement processes. In addition, the enhanced coaching ability of the managers has enabled the behaviour change across the sales team to be sustained and contributed to driving up sales volume.

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