With over two decades of experience catering to the needs of clients in regulated industries, Momenta offers flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need an end-to-end service or assistance with individual process components, we’ve got you covered.   Our industries of specialism include:

Financial services


Professional Services

Public Sector

We assist our clients in business transformation initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction, ensuring regulatory compliance, and optimizing commercial performance for tangible outcomes.  Our services include:




Training & Development



AI Enabled Services

Wherever you go, Momenta goes with you.


Momenta head office located in the heart of the financial district in London, was founded almost 30 years ago. Having started off exclusively staffing the Financial Industry with leading contingent workforce, Momenta now operates across multiple sectors globally and continues to grow and innovate to best service our clients and associates.


Building on its reputation in the UK, Momenta’s first global expansion was into Australia in 2016. Having identified the demand for increased contingent workforce after increased regulation in the financial services market came into effect, Momenta opened offices in Sydney to best be able to service our global clients’ needs in the territory.

Near and offshore solutions

Our Capabilities

Our comprehensive range of client services solutions delivers the essential elements – including people, processes, and technologies – vital for your business’s success. Backed by our advisory expertise, we ensure you’re equipped with the right tools for your business thrive.  When entrusted with your brand, our aim is seamless representation. We strive to operate as a natural extension of your business, fully embracing your organizational culture and values. This entails safeguarding your reputation as if it were our own, because in essence, it is.

Collections & Recovery

We’re here to provide expert support throughout your collections journey. Whether you require assistance across the entire collection’s lifecycle or targeted support for specific challenges, we’ll tailor a strategy to complement your strengths, our level of involvement can be customized to meet your exact needs, ensuring a collaborative approach that aligns with your business objectives.  We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to collections. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business and customer, we prioritize delivering bespoke solutions that empower you to scale resources instantly for optimal efficiency.  See below Case Study

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In regulated industries, a firm’s ability to differentiate itself often hinges on the customer experience it offers. Achieving standout performance requires consistently delivering exceptional experiences throughout every step of the customer journey. A critical juncture in this journey arises when a customer lodges a complaint. By providing a high-quality response, your firm has the opportunity to profoundly influence customer retention, advocacy, and satisfaction levels. See below Case Study.

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Claims & Remediation

Firms have procedures to promptly evaluate the impact of issues on customers and determine an effective response. However, when capacity constraints emerge or the complexity of issues requires external assistance, firms seek a reliable, established, and adaptable partner. Whether it involves correcting a simple billing error or conducting thorough investigations and engaging with affected stakeholders for appropriate resolutions, we can fulfil that role. Our adaptable methodology enables clients to precisely acquire the assistance they require to address any and all issues – whether that be opting for a combined approach or entrusting Momenta to provide comprehensive support transparently, we can build a tailored solution to meet your needs See below Case Study.

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Financial Crime

As markets evolve, regulations, supervision, and enforcement naturally progress alongside them. Navigating this dynamic landscape while maintaining high performance, fostering innovation, and ensuring regulatory compliance poses challenges for numerous firms.  we specialize in helping clients leverage compliance to gain a competitive edge. With decades of experience in regulated industries, we offer tailored solutions to help you mitigate risks, optimize returns, and enhance outcomes for your customers. Whether you operate in financial services, utilities, or any other regulated sector, we have the expertise to support you.   We maintain active engagement with regulators across various sectors and jurisdictions and collaborate closely with leading industry bodies. This ensures that we stay ahead of the curve in understanding regulatory developments and can provide you with the most up-to-date insights and guidance.  See below Case Study.

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Contact Centre/Customer Service

Customer service is at the core of everything we do – it’s ingrained in our DNA, honed over 30 years of experience, and consistently praised by our clients. We view each customer interaction as a chance to add value and foster enduring brand allegiance. Our teams seamlessly integrate with your brand, ensuring your customers receive the same level of care and respect.   We deliver a comprehensive solution that truly makes an impact. Whether your goal is to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies, or elevate your customers’ experience, our expertise, dedicated team, and personalized approach will propel your business forward.  In today’s tech-driven landscape, maintaining a human touch in customer service amidst automation can be daunting. We prioritize customer-centric solutions with empathy and inclusivity at their core. Guided by adaptability and bolstered by cutting-edge technology, our specialized team is committed to delivering unparalleled service. Across diverse industries, we empower our clients to cultivate enduring customer relationships and drive sustained profitability. See below Case Study.

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Don’t take it from us.
This is what our clients had to say.

“I was really happy with the services Momenta provided. You were very responsive and managed to get the work done in really tight timescales. You selected a good consultant based on our requirements; who spent time with us to ensure she understood who we are as a business and to ensure we got the right result.”

“You’re light years ahead of your competition because you know what it takes to make change really happen…”

“Momenta have demonstrated their abilities to work alongside a new business concept using its recruitment programme and existing staff structure to build a viable working model. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to projects operating in the regulated financial services space and beyond.”

“Momenta supplied an experienced team of review specialists who have met all of the project requirements and more, delivering timely and right first-time outcomes that have contributed significantly to the overall success of the project.”

“Momenta is unique in the supplier market today by leading with a problem solving attitude. Too many suppliers today state the problems with the resource availability, the difficulty in getting skills, cost pressures, changes in legislation etc. when actually as a customer all I want to hear is “we will help, we can help you solve that” and that is exactly what Momenta provides! Helping solve difficult problems through agility, flexibility, taking action and ownership, as well as transparency on cost is why I chose Momenta.”

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