Building the global workforce of the future. Today.


Our purpose is simple, to build the global workforce of the future. Today. Helping our clients to maintain an agile, flexible working model while having access to skilled professionals on demand and cost effectively when they need them.

In turn we are supporting professionals to enjoy their freedom of flexibility by providing them with opportunities in leading firms around the world.

Our view of the world

Over the years we have witnessed the evolution that has taken place in the workplace and the rapid changes that have occurred due to globalisation.

  • Organisations are opting to keep their overheads low but are struggling to do so with the rising labor cost due to the shortage of skilled professionals (supply and demand).

  • Society has changed. Professionals are opting for flexibility and fulfillment and are looking for organisation’s like Momenta that offer a variety of world class roles ’.

  • In a fast-moving marketplace, the recruitment process is slow. It takes months to source good qualified candidates.

  • Validation processes are lengthy and costly. There is a risk of hiring the wrong candidate which can set the company up for reputational damage, project delay / loss, financial loss. Equally there is risk to the candidate of career damage and loss of income from working with a company that is misrepresenting themselves.

There is a need to adapt traditional working models in order to remain competitive in an ‘on demand’ economy and organisations are doing this via the use of professionals. Momenta has been at the forefront of helping companies source and onboard skilled professionals, helping them achieve their organisational objectives successfully.

Our place in the world

For 30 years we have been connecting professionals and delivering talent in highly regulated industries by building an ecosystem of leading skilled professionals globally, providing a gateway to talent in the Financial Services, Legal, Technology and Training & Development sectors.

We’re building the global workforce of the future, through helping our clients source and secure vetted skilled professionals, on demand, internationally to meet their immediate needs. Our cost effective solutions enable businesses to remain competitive without compromising their brand and reputation, ensuring their skill gaps are met and they can respond to fast changing market conditions.

In turn, we assist professionals to get access to verified projects in their specialist industries, at a competitive market rate, enjoying the freedom of flexibility whilst ensuring they have recurring income with the help of the Momenta talent support team.

We believe in quality and equality. All our professionals, from entry through to senior levels, are treated the same, enabling us to provide a flat margin to our clients, no matter what role is being fulfilled. This level of transparency has been our key differentiator in building trusted relationships with everyone we work with, holding us true to our value of people first.

A world of growth and evolution

At Momenta we believe in planning for the future today, to ensure we are consistently equipped and ready to fulfil the needs that our clients and associates might have tomorrow, on time with value. Our Diversification, Innovation and Consolidation business strategy ensures the continuous growth and evolution of our business to best deliver this promise.

We have an international footprint, and continue to explore new territories to offer our clients consistent quality resource wherever they may need it, as well as offering our associates international opportunities to expand their horizons.

Innovation excites us and we are constantly looking for new ways to make our offering diverse for our clients providing multiple solutions to their challenges. We understand the role technology plays in the workspace today and have not only digitally transformed some of our internal processes to best serve our clients and associates, but have also adopted it as a new vertical and embraced the role of it in our core market to create Managed or Shared Services Solutions.

Contact us to discuss which of our solutions is the right one for your business.