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Case studies Case studies

Case studies provide examples of our services in action. These are drawn from our core competencies. Each case shows how we met the unique challenges of each project and demonstrates our versatility.

A big 4 Australian Bank – Remediation Project

Momenta were tasked to resource for 100 new roles at multiple levels for a large-scale Fee for No Service remediation project. The project was secured at the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, with tranches of intakes of 20 people per week commencing from the beginning of April 2020 - where Momenta faced new global

A big 4 Australian Bank – Financial Crime Project

Momenta were initially tasked to resource for 20 Financial Crime Analysts within 5 working days for a new client in 2017. The expectation was to fulfill these roles quickly, and ensure they could all commence on the same day together for training.

Early Fraud Warning Service

A big oil and gas firms required assistance implementing an early fraud warning service. Momenta provided a team to work in conjunction with Retail Decisions Europe (ReD) and the PRISM system, based in London HQ and initially undertook the transfer of activity provided in-house by the end client.
The advice arm of a professional services firm

The advice arm of a professional services firm

When our client decided to extend their case review programme, they recognised that there was a particular requirement for an experienced project manager to help plan and oversee the work. Given the finite scale of the task, an interim project manager represented the best and most cost- effective solution.
A leading UK retail bank

A leading UK retail bank

A comprehensive proactive review of 54,000 pension scheme transfers, to identify possible non compliance and speed up the Bank’s communication with customers who might be at risk. Momenta was engaged to contribute to a pilot programme that involved testing of all proposed operating procedures.
Managed service project

Managed service project

A legal firm based in the North East of England approached Momenta for assistance in setting up a Managed Services operation to assist with processing legal claims. The requirement was to create a pre litigation and a legal function in an offsite office with full infrastructure.

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