Welcome to Momenta thought leadership

Welcome to Momenta Thought Leadership. Every month we will be looking at what matters most in our industry and asking subject matter experts to share their insights and expertise.

Before we get into the detail, I thought it would be appropriate to update you on some key developments that have taken place within Momenta in 2018.

Over the last 20+ years Momenta has established itself as a proven supplier of contingent labour solutions. We are now beginning a new chapter in our history.

We have recently completed a transaction that has enabled a restructuring of the business, part of which has resulted in the CEO and Founder Richard Stevens, creating a new leadership team which includes a Chief Revenue Officer Ian Summerfield, Chief Financial Officer John Priggen and Chief Operating Officer Mark Westbrook.

These changes provide the fuel and horsepower to implement the Momenta Growth and Diversification strategy for the next three years.

This includes augmenting the head office and new territory teams with additional capability.

We believe this strategy will take us from being a £100 million turnover business to £300 million over the next three years.

The strategy is simple and consists of three elements:

  1. Consolidate our current clients and market position.
  2. Diversify into new market sectors and geographies. This resulted in the acquisition of the Legal Services business, the formation of the Digital Transformation and Financial Crime practices and the opening of services in Australia, US, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  3. The final piece of the strategy is Innovation. For Momenta, this means working with Technology providers to develop solutions that create people and technology outcome-based propositions.

In addition to our own internal Thought Leadership pieces, we are pleased to introduce Insights written by our consultants, as market leading experts within the above verticals and across our expanding geographies.

We hope you find our Thought Leadership content relevant and useful. Please feel welcome to provide us with your feedback, commentary or suggestions.