Contingent workforce driving diversity and inclusion in 2022

Multinational corporations face greater difficulty than ever before in dealing with diversity, not simply to fulfill objectives, but also to remain competitive in an ever-changing and innovative world.

Increased regulatory obligations on compliance teams have resulted in a surge in demand for experts in compliance to come in and strengthen systems and functions, which has become a priority for many. More specialised opinions and diverse ways of looking at challenges necessitate more professionals in compliance teams.

Diversity and Inclusion not only should be the fundamental foundation from which your workforce is built, but it also offers organisations a level of resilience that can help future-proof businesses and their growth models.

In 2022, a contingent workforce will drive diversity and inclusion, helping drive positive change and ROI for many. Here are the top reasons why the contingent workforce driving Diversity and inclusion in 2022.

The contingent workforce can offer you a variety of skills you would not have access too

It’s critical to hire people from a variety of backgrounds because everyone has unique abilities that can benefit a business. When brainstorming, problem-solving, and developing new business ideas, having an inclusive and varied atmosphere enables more diverse perspectives to be integrated. The contingent worker can be utilised to temporarily fill any important skills gaps, boosting your workforce’s flexibility and responsiveness as needed.  The contingent workforce can provide you with greater workforce flexibility, allowing you to expand your labour force and increase productivity output on demand without incurring the costs associated with hiring and maintaining permanent personnel.

The contingent workforce can help drive innovation

Employees with diverse backgrounds, abilities, experiences, and knowledge are more likely to come up with fresh and creative ideas. The contingent workforce can be used to temporarily replace any critical skill gaps, increasing the flexibility and responsiveness of your team as needed.

This might have a significant impact on the company because it will help it expand in the long run. It can also provide your firm with a variety of benefits, including new ideas.  A team made up of long-term employees, on the other hand, can suffer from a lack of creativity and innovative thinking. Employees will feel more comfortable sharing their perspectives with others if distinctive ideas are exchanged across a diverse workplace.

Understanding your customers better

Not only will having diverse and inclusive contingent staff assist your company internally, but it will also benefit your consumers and future customers. The varying cultural perspectives will give you a better understanding of your product or service and ensure that you are looking at your solution from an inclusive lens– an activity many organisations fail to do.

You will have more access to a larger talent pool that you usually would not have access to if employing perm staff

The contingent workforce offers a larger pool of candidates to pick from when it comes to hiring new employees. It will not be about hiring a certain type of individual who looks a certain way, but rather about the abilities a person can bring to the company and contribute. This will aid in the company’s growth by ensuring that only the best people are hired.

The good news is more companies are investing in DEI

According to Culture Amp, despite the fact that approximately 60% of organisations do not have a DEI specialist, 40% said they are investing in developing the specialised expertise needed to construct successful equity and inclusion initiatives. These are also typically new roles: 80% of DEI positions have been filled in the last 18 months, indicating that most firms are only getting started on their transformation journeys and that we may see more progress in the future.

Team fill-ins can benefit from contingent staffing models until more permanent alternatives can be discovered. As a result, while establishing efforts to improve workplace diversity and inclusion, firms cannot disregard them.

Utilising the expertise of contingent resourcing can offer many firms all the benefits of hiring inclusive and diverse terms. Setting up the right teams to ensure any gaps are identified will be key for firms this year as regulators place more pressure on financial service participants to strengthen current compliance systems and controls.

If your business has been impacted by additional regulatory or compliance pressures and needs additional staffing support in your compliance departments, speak to us to see how we can help in supplying experienced and effective additional members to your team.