Find your place in the world: How to land your dream graduate role

Find your place in the world: How to land your dream graduate role

After studying for a certain amount of years the next bold step is to start your career journey and successfully secure your first graduate role. Many graduates feel an immense amount of pressure on them during this time, so we at Momenta have developed some practical tips to ensure your transition from being a graduate to being employed is a seamless one.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your first job

When considering a graduate-entry job, it’s important to picture the career path you wish you to pursue and a good way of doing so is picturing where you see yourself in three to five years. Spend time developing what role you want to pursue and match it to the skills you have learned studying. Think of a graduate job as being a steppingstone, it will open doors for you within specific companies, across sectors and can lead to greater opportunities as your career progresses.

You have a degree, so what?

Unfortunately, so does everyone else. Graduate jobs are those that require someone to hold a degree to start their career in that profession or industry. Graduate jobs are still aimed at motivated, high-calibre graduates so you need to position yourself as one.

Build a personal brand

Get your digital profile as up to date as possible as well as your CV.  Start sharing your opinion on topical issues on LinkedIn and Twitter and join groups that are of interest to you and the role you wish to pursue. Please remember this is your professional opinion so be sure that it reflects in the content you wrote and share. Your personal brand will help you stand out in an already competitive environment.

How do I know this will be the right role for me?

It’s always daunting choosing your first role and you may have not been sure of which role to apply for or choose. Always ask yourself these 3 key questions:

  1. Skills development:

What new skills will you learn and how will they improve your chances of getting future roles? Don’t forget that soft skills are just as important as hard skills.

  1. Experience:

What work experience do you wish to develop? How will this role build your work experience and what projects/cases and what training and development will they offer you?

  1. Career progression: Is there an opportunity for career progression for me within this role? What success cases have there been with previous graduates?

Start your career with  a well-established brand

Graduate roles can offer a start in a career with reputable companies such as one of the big four. Many graduates have started fruitful careers from entry roles and worked their way up. There are excellent career progression opportunities in these roles and a great way to pave your way within a well-established company. These roles can often be difficult to access, so if you do get the chance run with it!

Why choose Momenta?


Our reputation is built on 30 years of experience of deploying skilled associates within the Financial Services, Legal, Technology, and Training & Development sectors. Today, our global ecosystem of over 30,000 associates provides high calibre professional services to leading companies worldwide.

We have tailored our Graduate resourcing experience to provide you with the following:

Graduate Resourcer: This has been developed to help you through the employment process, from your application to the point of placement. We will be there every step of the way.

Assessment days: Here you will be registered, complete all vetting and tests, and have any questions you may have regarding the role, answered all in one day.

-Project support function: This will allow you to speak to one of our administrative team with any queries you may have, this includes onsite weekly visits.

Momenta have placed Graduates into an array of projects ranging from Anti Money Laundering, Past Business Review, Robotics, and Automation and to Financial Review, in various global offices.

Momenta also place graduate roles in well-established companies such as the likes of Deloitte, which can offer you a long-term career in one of your dream roles in a global leading company.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our reviews from our Graduate Case Handling project in Crawley:

“Great company to be a part of, some of the people that I’ve worked to be placed, my Resourcer and Compliance Analyst, were very cooperative and helpful.”

“Management on the project was very good and I found so were the working conditions.”

“The position was explained well over the phone and they try and make the process easy for you.”

“Brilliant all-round communication with the staff at Momenta. My Resource Consultant was extremely helpful throughout the whole application process, from start to finish. My compliance Analyst also made sure that the vetting process went smoothly and was always there to clarify any questions I had.”