How tech companies can use AI to attract skilled talent

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has become an innovation that is used around the world in a number of different sectors. But how exactly do resource firms use AI to find your perfect candidate?

Today many candidates have become more selective when choosing which roles they are applying for. Job-seekers are increasingly gravitating towards companies that encourage work life balance and who are known to have reputable company cultures. This means many companies are facing increasing pressures to improve the way they recruit new talent as well as retain it. AI technology is fast becoming essential when it comes to enhancing the recruitment process.

Resourcing companies are investing heavily in AI. Here are the top reasons why:

1) AI gives companies access to a larger talent pool.
An average of 15 hours a week sourcing candidates for a particular role. AI has the ability to rapidly sift through millions of CVs highlighting data that point recruiters to potential candidates quickly and seamlessly. AI recruiters can source candidates from wider pools including social media networks, agency databases, and career boards.

2) Acknowledges and discovers passive candidates that ordinarily would not be picked up on
AI has been known most recently for identifying and successfully highlighting passive candidates who are not actively job searching but have outstanding skills and talent which may be transferable in another industry.

3) Increases engagement
AI has the ability to engage candidates through personalisation of employee value propositions (EVPs). A standard EVP approach will not appeal to all candidates, but with AI companies are able to analyse data that can provide insightful information on an applicant’s personality, which can help companies to engage with candidates on a new level.

4) Helps to reduce bias
Many applicants have reported discrimination within the hiring process – an important issue to address in creating a diverse workplace. Relying on employee referrals can be costly, with many employees referring candidates who maybe like them in personality and beliefs. Using AI will evaluate data points in an objective manner, free from any human biases as demographic data can be chosen to be ignored.

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