Momenta & Muldoon Britton – A powerful partnership

Much of the time when a new project is launched there is little information around the project in its entirety. At Momenta we are conscious of being transparent with all our candidates so have decided to make this simple and give a brief insight into our most recent legal project and how you can be involved.

A powerful partnership

At present Momenta are working in partnership with Muldoon Britton, a dynamic litigation-only law firm and are in the midst of putting together a team of legal professionals to work on large volume of claims.

These claims have come off the back of the recent PPI mis-selling scandal and are specifically related to the Plevin rule (for more information about Plevin see link to recent case study below). However, whilst these claims are related to PPI, the real substance of the claim is to do with the undisclosed/unfair levels of commission that was paid on PPI policies

The two main parties within this partnership have very different responsibilities in making this satellite law firm run cohesively;

  • Momenta operate the infrastructure and logistics, whilst overseeing the pre litigation team that work on qualifying the relevant claims. They are also responsible for sourcing, onboarding and vetting all successful applicants for Muldoon Britton.
  • Muldoon Britton utilise the important relationships they have formed with reputable CMC’s to generate the high number of mis sold PPI claims (up to £10k). Additionally, Muldoon Britton are the regulated law firm in the relationship and have to ensure that the satellite law firm complies with all of the requirements of their regulatory authority, the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority)

The satellite law firm is run by a lead solicitor who will oversee a large team of both solicitors and paralegals, with handling the claims that have been qualified by the pre litigation team and deal with them to conclusion.  There are a number of important guidelines which the teams must follow.  Firstly, no solicitor can be responsible for more than 8 paralegals.  And each paralegal can only have a case load of 150 active claims.

Project insight

The lead solicitor on this project is working on creating a seamless process and describes his illustrious career very briefly below;

“I have extensive Litigation experience having practised exclusively in that area of law since qualification. Having worked on and managed a variety of exciting bulk litigation projects I understand how to achieve the best results for clients in a short space of time. I have also worked in general litigation and have developed expertise in the procedural and tactical aspects of litigation. My management style is relaxed as I believe people are motivated to achieve when given responsibility and ownership over their work.”

What are the benefits?

  • Variation: A Pilot Project such as this one will provide you the opportunity to work across a variety of aspects of litigation within a reputable company, from end-to-end – An invaluable opportunity at any stage of your legal career. Working on a project at its infant stages will allow you to gain full comprehension of the project, take on more responsibilities and ultimately have a real impact on the direction of the piece of work.
  • Learning: You will work closely with an experienced Commercial Solicitor, allowing scope to develop new skills and advance your knowledge. In a pilot project everyone is always learning and as the business overcomes challenges, makes big changes and grows, you will also develop professionally.
  • Impact: Seeing your work have a direct impact on the business, especially if it’s an idea that you have taken from its initial stages to completion, can be hugely satisfying, but also great experience to highlight on your CV. Everything you do in a pilot project is noticeable and impactful.

How long is the contract expected to last?

This project is starting with a 12 month contract (rolling) and is predicted to last around 24 months. Most forward thinking contractors will be asking themselves “What next?”.  Muldoon Britton have a range of exciting opportunities and a very strong pipeline of new projects and new business that is likely to supersede the next 24 months. As an agency Momenta will be responsible for advising you of these and any other opportunities as and when they arise and provide support to pursue.

What does the ideal candidate look like?

We are looking for dynamic individuals that have legal experience within fast paced environments of working on 100-150 cases at any one time. We are conscious that team fit is also very important and will be interested in those of you that have the following traits;

  • Excellent decision maker
  • Ingenuity
  • Independence
  • Logic
  • Resilient
  • Knowledgeable
  • Dedicated
  • Hardworking
  • Organised

Where will the role be located?

Situated in Tower 42, we make navigating your way through this concrete jungle very easy being only halfway between Bank and Liverpool Street stations, also only 8 minutes by foot from Moorgate, Monument and Aldgate.

Our offices are not only accessible but sit within a hub of businesses in the City offering delectable lunching options and great outdoor areas to enjoy the London sunshine when it comes out! There is also a myriad of options for an après-work drink!

If you would be interested in applying, please click here or feel free to give us a call and speak to one our wonderful recruiters.