Paralegal outlooks for 2022 – What does the sector hold for paralegals

The pandemic has created a need for businesses and corporations leaning towards legal technology, leaning into being able to provide the best service to their clients, they need the best of the best, and that includes paralegals.

Contingent paralegals can help legal firms in managing key cases and are there’s a huge demand for talented, excellent, well-trained paralegals in the UK and the US. The Bureau of Labor Statistics research states, that there will be a 12% increase in the next ten years.

The sector and demand for paralegals is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down in 2022. Here are some key reasons why paralegals will be in high demand in 2022, and why there are numerous work opportunities for paralegals this year.

It’s poised to be one of the fastest growing professions of 2022

It takes a quick LinkedIn search to see that the legal market is in need for talented paralegals, senior paralegals, in-house corporate paralegals. The market is witnessing that the paralegal industry in 2022 isn’t going to fade away or slow down. This is especially prominent for Contingent workforce.

Litigation paralegals may be tasked with drafting papers and documentation for a lawsuit, conducting research into the intricacies of a case, summarising depositions, or organising evidence.

Litigation is a topic of law in which you might want to specialise if you have great organisational and multitasking skills, and the good news is there are a plethora of contingent roles available.

Firms are relying on the contingent workforce now more than ever

Due to the pandemic’s heightened demand for litigation paralegals in 2022, it is projected that an increase in legal services will be necessary in numerous sectors around the world.

To keep up with expanding workloads, corporate legal departments may need to hire litigation paralegals who can fill in the gaps and get right into new projects. Whilst other projects will need contract personnel with knowledge not accessible in-house to help.

The desire to save money is not new. It isn’t brand new for any year, let alone 2022. But, especially this year, due to the pandemic, you’ll find legal departments doubling down on reducing expense and figuring out how to improve processes and practises. Companies have been looking for ways to cut money for the past year, and legal departments will not be immune to the budgetary scrutiny that will occur as a result. Firms are now hiring contingent litigation paralegals to l play a key part in generating these savings for themselves.

Why become a litigation paralegal in 2022?

You can achieve your long-term career objectives by working as a litigation paralegal. This will allow you to get legal experience while also demonstrating to a law company that you possess the necessary attributes to advance to the position of solicitor. Many lawyers and solicitors have used this experience to get to where they want to go in their careers. You can obtain a better grasp of the legal value chain and gain an emic perspective on the trial process. These positions also tend to pay well in the market and provide opportunities to gain new skills and advance your legal career. Build your network within the legal field.

Making your paralegal career a great one with Momenta

Momenta is a global contingent resource solutions company, providing skilled professionals to the financial services, legal, technology, and training and development sectors for over 30 years. At Momenta, we understand that we are only as good as our associates, in fact our reputation depends on them. Therefore, treating them with care and respect as individuals and ensuring they are fully supported in undertaking work for our clients, is of paramount importance to us.

Our resourcing team helps you through the employment process, from application to placement. Virtual assessment days are organised to make the process as easy for you as possible. Here you will be registered, complete all vetting and tests, and have any questions you may have regarding the role, answered. The project support function allows you to speak to one of our administrative team with any queries you may have, this includes onsite weekly visits.

Momenta have placed Paralegals into an array of litigation projects in some of the world’s most reputable and forward-thinking firms, building rapidly growing litigation projects. Getting into a firm of a global nature can allow you the opportunity to build a career with a world-renowned brand.

If you believe you may have the right skills and experience for an exciting new project with us, you can apply to join us today. By becoming one of our associates, you join a company that provides people with quality opportunities, development, and ongoing support globally.

If you are looking for a new opportunity in the financial services, technology, legal, or training and development sectors, start your contingent working journey with us today.