Remote work opportunities: The revolution starts now

All facets of society and business are forced to create new norms to adjust to the COVID-19 world we now inhabit. Global shares have been hit by the virus whilst central banks cut down interest rates significantly, it attempts to combat further economic loss.

So, what does the future of a day at work look like? It will probably look like a remote one. Now more than ever businesses lifelines rely on that of the remote workforce to drive their operations as businesses try and change their models to adjust to new market landscapes. So what are the foreseeable trends that we expect in the next coming months and what can you do to get the work you require?

#workingfromhome is here to stay
Start getting used to the #workingfromhome movement. As global lockdowns are in place to curb the spread of the virus, businesses will remain as usual but from a home setting. Realistically, it’s still difficult to tell when things will return to normality, so for the foreseeable future, get acclimatised to working from your home space. Set up an office workspace where you have enough space for your pc/laptop and stick to your normal work routines.

Remote resourcing
More and more businesses will turn to remote recruitment to fulfil their resourcing needs. Virtual interviews and vetting will become norms, so start getting used to the idea of interviewing from home. Ensure that all your online platforms are up to date as your virtual profile will hold even more weight in these times of remote resourcing.

Specialised skills will be required
Now more than ever specialized skills will be required to adjust to changing markets and the challenges they bring. Ensure that you have updated any special skill you have on your CV and your LinkedIn profile.

Increase in contingent remote roles
Businesses will now also turn to the contingent workforce to help guide and manage the transition into new market models and develop new strategies to allow them to survive COVID-19’s impacts on the economy. Now more than ever we will start to see the rise of remote roles being placed especially with the additional demand of roles needed in the gig economy. Look out for companies offering contingent remote roes you can fill whilst working from home.

How we help you with your remote contingent workforce?
We at Momenta are doing our best during these harsh times to ensure that we are offering as many contingent remote roles as possible. If you are looking for a remote contingent workforce to help you cope with the harsh demands of COVID-19, get in touch with us today.

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