What is a Data Gatherer?

Do you have a passion for in-depth research that helps to uncover the whole picture and provides your employers and customers with vital information?

Are you a confident, highly organised, and details-driven person who always considers every piece of the puzzle before arriving at a conclusion?

If so, then the role of data gatherer could well be for you. Whether you are looking for a change in career direction or simply looking to expand your skills, the role of data gatherer is often a fantastic opportunity to gain entry level experience into well-renowned companies, like the Big Four.

Indeed, your contribution will not go unnoticed in this highly visible position, setting you on the path to future success.

If you’re considering whether your existing skills are transferable, then the aforementioned excellent analytical abilities are of course a must – but there’s much more to it than you might expect.

As a data gatherer, you’ll be given responsibility to manage assigned cases, supporting the resolution of complex regulatory risks and issues, in line with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) objectives.

Fast-paced environment

You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment with multi-banking systems and you’ll also have scope to learn and develop, providing you with a more comprehensive skillset while enhancing your future prospects.

You’ll be tasked with presenting data relevant to the customer complaint using in-house systems to log and allocate cases for review. A key responsibility will be ensuring that the complaint-handling process is complete and that sufficient data has been gathered to ensure that a full investigation can be completed.

The data gatherer role also includes processing figures and producing reports, while liaising with the investigations team and senior managers.

The ability to gather that information to deadlines and meet quality standards will be essential, as will maintaining customer outcomes and communicating closely with them through excellent written correspondence.

Flexible work patterns

The data gatherer job description further includes a flexible work pattern, often going beyond a normal day shift, with usual business hours Monday to Friday, but nightshifts and weekends. The role of a data gatherer is perfect to find around everyday life, giving you a great work-life balance.

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