Why becoming a litigation paralegal is the right step in your legal career

When considering a career in the legal world a paralegal role can give you first-hand experience of the legal industry. By working as a litigation paralegal, you can get experience in the legal sector whilst showing a law firm that you have the desired qualities to go on and work as a solicitor. Litigation paralegals play an integral role in the legal litigation process. They will work under the supervision of a lawyer during the duration of the trial process, assisting with the management of the legal case. This will involve managing all trail preparation and assisting the lawyers where necessary.

Why become a litigation paralegal?

  • You can secure your long-term career goals: By working as a litigation paralegal you can get experience in the legal sector whilst showing a law firm that you have the desired qualities to go on and work as a solicitor. Many lawyers and solicitors have used to get to their desired roles.
  • Your work experience can be advantageous: According to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) operate, you can use a principle known as Equivalent Means, which means when you apply for it, the SRA may recognise your certificated learning and work-based learning by granting exemption from the qualification and training requirements such as the Common Professional Examination (CPE), Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Period of Recognised Training (PRT).
  •  You can gain an emic perspective of the trial process and gain a better understanding of the legal value chain.
  • As there will be increased demand for litigation paralegals in 2021 due to the pandemic, it is expected that an increase in legal services will be required in various verticals globally
  • These roles also tend to offer competitive market salaries and will allow you to learn new skills and progress your legal career trajectory.

What Degree do you need to have to become a litigation paralegal?

Your undergraduate degree does not need to be law-centric, however, it is advantageous to have one. You will need a bachelor’s degree or a post-graduate degree. Other job experience such as a legal assistant or legal secretary may be beneficial to have.

Why choose Momenta?

Our reputation is built on 30 years of experience in deploying skilled associates within the Financial Services, Legal, Technology, and Training & Development sectors. Today, our global ecosystem of over 30,000 associates provides high calibre professional services to leading companies worldwide. We have tailored our paralegal resourcing experience to provide you with the following

  • Our resourcing team helps you through the employment process, from application to placement.
  • Virtual assessment days are organised to make the process as easy for you as possible. Here you will be registered, complete all vetting and tests, and have any questions you may have regarding the role, answered.
  • The project support function allows you to speak to one of our administrative team with any queries you may have, this includes onsite weekly visits. Momenta have placed Paralegals into an array of litigation projects in some of the world’s most reputable and forward-thinking firms, building rapidly growing litigation projects. Getting into a firm of a global nature can allow you the opportunity to build a career with a world-renowned brand.

If you would like to contact us to hear more about these roles and sign up to become a Momenta Associate, register here today.