What they needed

In conjunction with one of the big 4 professional services firms, Momenta was required to supply 1,100 experienced contractors to undertake case handling, quality checking and team leading roles within a pre-assembled project team.

How we helped

Operating to rigorous standards, Momenta commenced deployment of contractors in July 2011 following a carefully designed intake plan. Through weekly intakes of 50+, the target number for each role was achieved on time in mid- December 2011.

Momenta also deployed a small, dedicated team drawn from its own internal employed staff to assist the project operations team in managing the contractual queries that inevitably arise in a project of this size.

Working alongside the professional services firm, Momenta also developed and implemented a graduate programme, which included delivery of pre-deployment training, coaching through initial onproject training, and ongoing CPD through a sponsored professional examinations initiative.

Graduates were deployed within the experienced contractor teams and over the duration of the project delivered a cost effective, alternative labour source for our client.

The outcome

Through the 5 years of our engagement on the project, we worked closely with the incumbent, operational project management team, initially the big 4 professional services firm and latterly the client’s managed service supplier.

With a backdrop of two location changes over the projects lifespan, and through numerous operational stages – typically driven by changes in case type or spikes in case flow – the Momenta team consistently met the clients stringent productivity and quality targets. The project finally closed after 61 months of successful operation.

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