The future of hiring: how digital transformation is changing recruitment

It can be hard to keep up with digital transformation in the workplace – in today’s world, the pace is relentless and change is ever-evolving.

Embracing that transformation is a major priority for UK businesses looking to gain a crucial competitive advantage, and the benefits are wide – whether it’s realising greater efficiency, better working practices, eliminating repetitive admin tasks, or just providing a platform for fresh growth.

Essentially, those that innovate first amid changing customer behaviours are giving themselves the best opportunity of taking a lead in their respective sector.

Deliver the services that customers demand

This innovation-led outlook could be vital if businesses want to continue to deliver the services that their customers demand in an ever more disruptive landscape.

Nevertheless, many business leaders understandably experience difficulty in finding the right balance between investing in, and integrating, fresh technologies and continuing their day-to-day business operations with fewer resources.

Another major consideration is having the right workforce in place to deliver on transformational ambitions.

Challenges in digital recruitment

Of course, at every stage of the transformation journey, talent and skills requirements will change, and this will create challenges in digital recruitment and retention of sought-after professionals.

Assessing your likely needs and analysing predicted future recruitment trends is therefore an essential.

However, help is at hand. Momenta is a project management expert, offering large-scale workforces for bespoke needs during periods of transformational change, or specialists that can bridge gaps in recruitment and ensure continuity.

During this period of unprecedented transformation and amid the changing face of recruitment, Momenta is also refusing to stand still. We are embracing the benefits of digitisation.

Online associate database

With that in mind, we have just launched Momenta People – a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This online associate database allows you to register yourself, apply for new roles, update a personal profile and CV, and track the recruitment process.

If you have an ongoing application with us, you can also use Momenta People to complete any required background and compliance checks.

Becoming a Momenta Associate means you are part of a market-leading contract workforce. You’ll use your existing knowledge and experience to make a difference to the work our clients do, as well as advance your career and develop new skills.

Registering for Momenta People brings those opportunities right to your fingertips and it couldn’t be easier to do. You can start the process here